'' This project was born out of isolation and is a reflection of how many creative professionals had to reinvent how they worked. We shot the piece through facetime, working between 4 different time zones. It was something that took a little time to adapt to but overall I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and it really opened my eyes to the advantages of this ‘new normal.’ As I am predominantly a film photographer, lockdown meant that I turned to more digital forms of producing my work, e.g. facetime shooting and directing. However, I have also had the time to go back to basics by collaging old pieces of work and reprinting my favourites. As a photographer I think it is very easy to keep all of your work just stored away on memory sticks and devices, it’s been really nice to have the physical prints to play around with. Overall, the creative industry has done an amazing job of coming together and pushing the boundaries during this uncertain period!'' - @lilymcmurrayy