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MISSION STATEMENT MAGAZINE #001: The Social Experiment issue. Aimed at Gen-Z and Millennial demographics, MSM aims to set root for an inimitably impactful new publication,  encapsulating a creative and nuanced documentation of the present moment. Issue #001 is dedicated to reflection on the past year and the resulting impact that has refracted through the worlds of art, fashion, politics and contemporary culture, whilst paying homage to the voices that are emerging from the chaos. 

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS WITH Amalie Gassmann and Aidan Cullen, James Massiah, Cailin Russo, IMK, Connie Constance, Jessie Andrews, Jordan Stephens and articles on Black Minds Matter, Crossbreed Queer Parties and why La Haine is still relevant today. Featured visual artists include Paul Herrmann, Anke Loots, Alex Gardner, Betsy Johnson, Jgrrey, Chi Ossé, Oscar Scheller and more.

MSM loop2.png