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As the year 2020 sparks nervousness across the nation young people are dedicated to bettering themselves and their skills. This year UK female musicians are heavily on the rise as their bedrooms provide a high-tech recording studio for most. Mission Statement has selected three emerging female artists who represent the high-rising, fierce female music industry of today's generation.


Gigi Moss, one of North London's female singer-songwriter provides strong vocals amongst her signature soft natured touch. Putting in place a huge amount of emotion into her music she's able to touch the hearts of thousands. Gigi released her debut single ‘Issues’ last year - showcasing her talents in captivating storytelling and highlighting her jazzy, soulful attitude.

Since, she has grown a social media presence by covering well-known tracks on Instagram such as 'Skinny Love' by Birdy as well as creating her own piano-based free-styles, some reaching over 10k listeners. Gigi Moss is 100% one to watch over the next year.


Another strong female musician on the scene at the moment is Glowe (AKA Georgia Lowe). The remarkably gifted 21-year-old from Watford presents a signature edgy bedroom-pop style. From her first track 'Realise' on February 2019 Glowe recently released her debut EP 'Daughter' including six tracks, each representing a different element of Glowes life - she says "I always draw from previous experiences but one song won't have to be about one particular situation in my life". The response from the EP 'Daughter' has been huge and her 40k listener stats on Spotify represent the high-demand for Glowe’s music, with many teenage girls relating to her voice.


Erica Manzoli is another making moves on the music scene. As she produces intense emotion alongside soft, well-produced vocals this singer/songwriter is gaining all the right attention. Releasing her self-made track 'Mr Driver' on June 15 - a dreamy styled song with trademark spacious vocals which demonstrates Erica's skills in piano as well as singing. As well as creating her own music Erica is big on producing incredible covers, being able to change everything in a song and make it unique to her. With a presence of 15k Tik Tok Erica Manzoli is another young female artist to keep your eyes on.

Written By: Izabel Rose

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