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3 is better than one: String Ting launches Collab with fashion duo Hillier Bartley

By Kaycia Ainsworth

When it comes to tech accessories, trends have come and gone, but none have really encapsulated what we're all searching for in order to make our tech wearable. PopSockets were useful but (if we're being honest) they were completely ugly, and within a year of them quite literally popping up, the accessory became a quick way for any half-baked business to use the back of your phone for free advertising. With the frankly disturbing pattern choices, facing your choice of PopSocket was like 2011’s aesthetics had emerged in the present day to haunt us one again. It's common knowledge that our phones have required a little something extra for a while now; fashion du jour has developed beyond minimalism, and that means tech accessories too. When they're functional, they are bulky and a complete eye sore, and if they are pretty they literally don't do anything to help you at all. I'm looking at you, glitter screen cover that doesn’t offer protection but kind of glints if you turn it.

We only have to hark back to the nineties and the early 00’s to experience the glory of camp tech accessories that really intended to accessorise. In the glory days every Motorola Razr had a fabulously tacky rhinestoned dangling charm of a playboy bunny motif attached to the audiojack. Very Paris and Nicole of us. Even now, when you buy a brand new iPhone there's something about it that is so crisp that you don't want to taint it, like a really expensive newborn. Then you have the challenge of finding a non-bulky cover that will still protect your phone whilst not stealing from the fresh aesthetic it came with. Let's be honest, even with a phone case, you're still worried that if you drop it and it catches a corner your screen will have you hauling ass to Camden to procure a very much out-of-contract screen replacement, leaving your texts resembling a bad attempt at glitch art.

Straight out of Peckham and fresh onto the arms of Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner comes cult tech accessory brand String Ting. Since launching in June 2020 (initially as an incentive to raise funds for frontline workers), String Ting has gained a worldwide following for quirky colourful beaded phone wristlets and crossbody straps. They’re held in high regard now more than ever as fashion model and stan twitter favourite, Gigi Hadid, has been regularly sporting one since the start of the year. String Ting’s overall mission is to bring colour, fun and more importantly carefree styling to your life, making it easier and looking good whilst doing it; A hands free way to take care of your phone and settle your worries of breaking it whilst actually accessorising. The wristlet is a beaded band that hooks inside your phone case and swings from your wrist, and the cross body strap is exactly as you’d imagine it, keeping your phone safely secured to your body without subtracting from your outfit. String Ting are also dedicated to giving to charity with regular donation recipients including Beam UK and various Just Giving campaigns. Most recently they donated £1000 to South East London's Spring Community Summer Trips Programme for children in Southwark to be able to get out of the city this last summer.

Known not only for their great charitable efforts, but also for their ease and wearability. We are excited to announce a String Ting exclusive: in collaboration with famed British brand and revered jewellery don, Hillier Bartley, String Ting are launching a limited edition wristlet dubbed “The Bunny.” The wristlets are classically refined, playfully meshing together feminine and masculine aesthetics as black beads contrast with clearer shimmers, becoming chic and luxurious whilst maintaining a street wear sensibility and as always, easy to style. If there's one thing the two brands have in common, it's a dedication to quality. Hillier Bartley are known for their elegant design as well as their purist yet punk attitude toward their carefully crafted collections. String Ting ensure long-lasting quality, with beads made out of acrylic, glass and resin strung onto resilient satin cords which will hold up to your everyday gun-slinging. The limited edition wristlets are to be launched in autumn of 2021 alongside a collection of reimagined vintage clothes with exclusive illustrations by artist Jiro Bevo. Jiro’s illustrations have a recognisable yet completely unique cartoonish style that produce an insanely comforting feeling that whisks you away on a mental nostalgia train to another long gone saturday morning laid in front of your parents tv. The collaborative collection as well as the ready-to-wear pieces will be made available on their website

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