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With the global cosmetics market value set to be worth a staggering $758.4 billion by 2025, there is no better time to support minority-owned beauty brands.

While Black-owned beauty brands are finally sharing the limelight in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s important that we continue to support and uplift those British, Black-owned brands now and forever – solidifying their well-deserved place within the beauty and cosmetics industry, and its lucrative landscape. MSM lists 5 exciting beauty brands, owned and created by Black, British entrepreneurs and their “hero” product that you must get your hands on:

Ultra-nourishing, antioxidant rich body balm, with a delicate rose scent. A winner at the Beauty Shortlist Awards in 2019, this balm will knock every rich moisturiser you own, out of the park. Designed with adult skin in mind, it is a sophisticated product filled with essential oils, rose quartz and hyaluronic acid - to name a few of the special ingredients. As it stands, the brand has three products in its repertoire, but each one is packed with the highest quality ingredients. 79 Lux was born through founder Karen Cummings-Palmer, and her quest to find a product that would put an end to her dry, eczema-prone skin.

Essentially magic in a bottle - the word IDAN is Yoruba (Nigerian) for magic. This oil can be used all over your body, nourishing your hair and your skin simultaneously. The product solidifies when cool, and is awoken under a warm, running tap before pouring generously into your hands. Made with cold pressed coconut oil into which a tuberose flower has been immersed; the scent is sensual, enveloping and a real treat for your skin. LIHA as a brand is a mixture of ‘natural African roots and a quintessentially British attitude’.

A non-foaming, cream-based cleanser for curly, wavey or textured hair. Excelling at cleansing your hair, the cleanser locks in the moisture and doesn’t strip your hair in the least This is plant-powered hair care for natural curls at its best, with key active ingredients including Argan Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, organic Aloe Vera, Pomegranate extract and Spearmint for added zing. Both the brand and the product rewrite everything you knew about hair-washing and curl care. If you have been wanting to reconnect with your natural hair texture – this is a great place to start.

The minimalist Skin Alchemists are all about slowing down and adding small rituals into your daily skincare routine, to enjoy the moment and unwind, whilst achieving beautiful skin. A thoughtful and considered cleanser, with the instructions for use actively encouraging you to slow down and breathe in deeply the bouquet of natural ingredients - Safflower, Hemp, Lavender, Ylang-Ylang. A true 'self-care' moment in a bottle, use this cleanser to wash away excess sebum without disrupting the skins’ natural balance.

A highly Instagram worthy, hydrogel under eye patch created by the one and only, Maya Jama, of BBC Radio 1 and Insta-queen fame. If you have followed Maya Jama at all on social media, you will know she is never seen without a hydrating face mask or under eye patch to give that faux eight-hour sleep glow. Boasting power ingredients of Glycerin, Panthenol and Hyaluronic acid to reduce the appearance of fine lines under the eye. Add these into your skin care routine, after moisturising, for 15 minutes then gently pat in the excess;

although, we guarantee you won’t want to take them off.

Honourable mention:

Not strictly skincare, but working equal wonders for the skin – this ‘Superpowder’ could not be left off the list. A premium supplement, specifically formulated for women with black African heritage to compensate for deficiencies incurred from immigration and other systematic issues. Packed with a long list of nutrients and antioxidants, this green supplement is all about cultivating your outer beauty, from within, with added wellness benefits. Take regularly to see blemish free skin, stronger hair & nails and a glowing complexion. Mix into your morning green juice or smoothie, as part of a varied diet.

Words by: Raid Ryan

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