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5 Women, Five Creatives

Following on from the celebration of International Women’s Day last month, we decided to interview 5 femme creatives to spotlight the incredible women within our community, with the aim of bringing your attention to the hidden challenges facing females in the industry. This editorial shines a spotlight on individuality whilst showcasing the power in collaboration, bringing these women together as we observe the importance of telling real stories from real people.

The women in this project speak to not only their communities, but are an embodiment of the cultural zeitgeist. All coming from contrasting backgrounds, they represent the unspoken conversations within the creative community - collectively evoking the importance of following unconventional journeys. Above all else, these women seek to represent those who are made to feel like they have no place within an industry that continues to point fingers at those who don't fit the status quo.

Photography: Juanita Richards & Anita Barry

Stylist: Karla DC

Make Up: Taisha Sherwood

Written & Produced: Kevin Flag

Editor In Chief: Bee Beardsworth

Creative Direction: Emily Gouveia

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