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Artist Profile: Elheist

Are you ready for some WHOLESOME GOODY?

London-based rapper, singer, co-producer and overall creative genius Elheist continues to grace us with raw, versatile, and genre-bending tracks. “A child of Nigeria” (as she refers to herself), Elheist was raised in southeast London where she first discovered a love for songwriting at the young age of 12 years old. Through her passion for thinking outside the box and positive perspectives, Elheist actively tries to change the musical narrative. For example, she leads a community platform, Quest No More, designed to aid UK musicians in releasing their artistic anecdotes through various mediums including workshops, live events, and radio. Notably, from “See How” to “Done Talking”, Elheist has already collaborated with notable, global brands including Christian Louboutin, and Adidas. She’s also been featured on BBC Radio 1Xtra and her music appears in the latest Netflix documentary celebrating black visionaries, The Remix: Hip Hop x Fashion. Ahead of her latest release “Wholesome Goody” (dropping August 14th), Elheist gives MSM some goody goody:

What is your favorite track of yours and favorite lyric and why?

My favorite track of mine is whatever your favorite track of mine is. It all means so much to me to have my listeners’ support. The fact that people can listen and share in my musical experiences - and the fact that it becomes theirs - is priceless. So, I would like to keep that going, and there will be many more vibes for listeners. As long as they’re good, I'm good.

If I absolutely had to choose my favorite lyric though… the one currently ringing in my mind from the WHOLESOME GOODY project is "keep the love with me" coming from the single track "Wholesome Goody".

How would you describe your music in just 3 words?

  1. Goody

  2. Goody

  3. Whoever is reading this, DM me @elheist what you think the 3rd word would be…

We live in a day and age where everything is sort of fed to us – how we should feel, what we should feel, and more. So, I like to keep it open and let my listeners decide for themselves and then share their thoughts with me.

Who in the industry would you like to collaborate with and why?

Generally speaking, I would like to create with people who are open and down to join forces. Two heads are always better than one as cliché as it sounds, and I just love creating. So, people who are equally hardworking and passionate...we could do a madness. There are a lot of talented people on my list to get into the specifics, but eventually as time goes on, I’ll get to that part ;)

What is the inspiration behind “Wholesome Goody”?

Wholesome Goody” is inspired by my lifestyle, cultural heritage, love, and by goodness. I just started saying goody goody in introductions of records for fun. It became the forefront headliner in my mind over a period of trials and tribulations - juxtaposed with pure joy and good energy. But that's life! It's an interesting one. Hence, why it's a lifestyle for sure. And one that everyone can experience no matter who you are.

It's like celebrating and appreciating life for the good and celebrating that via individualism and collectivism, as a community in unison. As more time passes, it feels like we are constantly highlighting the negatives, but that's not all there is.

To be fair, I also just love the word goody. I used to hear it a lot growing up in songs by like Spice or Ciara. In fact, Goodies by Ciara was actually my first CD, time flies...

What is your message to the world?

We will speak soon... p.s. tap into your inner goody.

Listen for “Wholesome Goody” dropping on musical platforms on August 14th!

Meanwhile, you can tap into other inner goody with Elheist through the following mediums:

Written by: Sandy Aziz (Contributing Editor)

Image Credits

Photography: @shooter_terns & @guamag

Hair: @laurainebailey

Styling: @mischanot

Makeup: @lovesamantics

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