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A flash flood of colour on a western plain, a thread of dancing sunflowers with the ability to shapeshift, and a whole host of extraterrestrial vibrations immersed within the visuals. The talented Lava la Rue is back, this time colliding with cool girl Deb Never from California to write a love song with echoes of psychedelia.

Lava La Rue and Deb Never play with that kitchy glistening melody encompassed by pop-rom songs, yet add streaks of psychedelic pop and synth to make this a fresh, upbeat angle to a modern love song. The U.K. artist’s signature flawless bars intersect with Deb Never’s haunting vocals to create a uniquely tantalising piece that is angelic in every way of the word.

MSM gets an exclusive look behind the scenes in the studio with Lava.

“Hey Mission Statement! - Each of these pictures is literally me and Deb goofing and making a song during our first ever studio session. It was a lot of fun.” - Lava la Rue

The U.K. producer takes us on a photographic journey of her creative process with Deb. In a jammy room, littered with literature, instruments and art, we get an insight into the hazy, productive fun that led to the manifestation of the single ‘Angel’. Written in a day - the shots capture moments of raw, creative energy that can be fiercely felt through every lyric.

"We were in a studio late at night in Echo Park LA the day before the first lockdown started - surreal looking back on it - we had no idea”

“Testing out some chords. I often start with the guitar when I’m jamming.”

“Hearing the tune back”

“Just me being me lol”

"I think here Deb was playing with auto tune… exploring sounds in the studio as we record”

"Lots of air guitars happening here - the best moment!”

photos : @kristenjanwong

words : @charlottehingley

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