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Introducing Amsterdam native Cero Ismael, the alternative hip hop artist who’s unorthodox

approach is certain to leave a statement following the release of his 8 track first-opus set to launch on February 18th.

Although interviewing Cero online it did not hinder his ability to translate his personality. His words spoke both of emotions that he had experienced which effectively presented a relatable and tangible offering.

In unfolding the latest moments of heartbreak, Cero has felt the sub-sequent repercussions of feeling disconnected and isolated, it further emphasises the raw narrative Cero uses to articulate his emotions within his song lyrics.

When asked why Cero chose to title his latest 8 track opus ‘Blue Man’. He explains how ‘Blue Man’ possesses connotations of sadness, love, faith and depth.

Curious to delve into the depth of Ceros creativity and thought process - we began by asking him about his perception of the abstract view of the upside-down world concept. Does the feeling of not knowing where you are, and being lost play a dramatic part in the sound of this project?

Yes, for sure. I made the project after a heartbreak and couldn’t understand myself. I was feeling lost and tried to find grip but seemed to lose it every time. Blue Man was sorta my self therapy. It helped me to find clarity again. Clearness.

What is unique about music that prompts your creative skill set, doesn't drawing do

the same thing?

Music touches something in my soul, that nothing else can reach. Maybe chemicals. But that’s temporary, not real and bad for you. Sort of. Music is where it starts and ends with. It releases something inside of me.

Explain to us a time when you felt overwhelmed, walk us through the hurdles you

have endured during your career?

The last time I felt overwhelmed was probably while making a deadline. I don’t really believe in hurdles, I believe everything happens for a reason. Either I like it or not, I make sure I learn from every situation.

Name 3 emotions you felt when you first touched a stage or we’re your performance expectations met when you did your first show?

Happy - energetic - thankful

Who are you doing music for ? what is your music telos? (your end goal)

I am doing music for myself. But I hope it encourages people to be honest towards themselves and their surroundings. Don’t be scared or ashamed to share how you feel. Cause that is all you have at the end of the day.

What would describe your music style to be? Would you say you associate your sound with a specific genre, if so, what is this?


What songs/ albums are you currently listening to?

I’m listening a lot to ‘Whole Lotta Red’ by Playboi Carti at the moment.




Top 3 albums (at the moment): Jassbusters by Connan Mockasin, Die Lit by Playboi Carti and The Narcissist II by Dean Blunt

Top 3 artists on my playlist are Elijah Waters, Phil Collins and Westside Gunn.

Most listened song in 2020 is ‘Ede Willie Flow’ by Oomto

What is a social cause that you’re passionate about?”

People of colour are oppressed, police abuse their power, black lives still and will always matter, climate change is real and yes you can do something about it.

What is next for Cero the Amsterdam local? international stardom? neighbourhood


I would like to share my art as much as possible with the world. I just take everything as it is and the rest will follow.

Check out Cero most recent music video for the track 'Darling'.

Interview and Written by: Abigail Laurel Morton

Photography: Maybte Breed and Sybren Tieleman

Instagram: @mightymayt

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