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Recycling, upcycling, shaping, and reshaping – welcome to the new “do-it-yourself” of design – “design-it-yourself.” And, evidently, that’s what designers do - design. However, when it comes to DIY designers, the devil’s really in the detail. These DIY designers have taken designs as we know them and reimagined their conventional structures, uses, and even ways in which we wear them. And why not? Put lightly, life lately has been disruptive, so we might as well take some risks and channel Andy Warhol’s famous words - “Art is what you can get away with.”

Among MSM’s DIY designers to watch are Jazmin Reyes, Molly Sellars, and Nicole Mclaughlin.

Jazmin Reyes believes in the 4 essential R’s in life: reduce, reuse, recycle, and Rihanna. And what better mantra than that? While these R’s resonate daily, in terms of her creative process, Reyes believes that “life imitates art and art imitates life.” From the digital creator’s famous Fendi Fizza Bag, Diorhnut Saddle Bag, and Pradavisor to Modern Validation: a 20 pack of instant likes – it is hard to believe Reyes used to think there wasn’t space for her “weird taste.” If anything, we would add another R to her essentials: refreshing. According to Reyes, creation, redesign and DIY design are “quite invigorating.” Her aim is to inspire and to “disrupt your normal behavior online for just a bit and to stop by and to take a peek.” Look for more @_jazreyes.

Molly Sellars is a visual designer who gains inspiration from wearable technology and materials that alter appearances when reacting to different environments. “Functionality is an overriding theme within most of my projects to date,” she explains, “[because] I grew up and still live in the Lake District, outdoor clothing is something I have always been surrounded and inspired by, which I can’t see changing anytime soon!” Her favourite piece to date is her 3M Dazzle Camouflage Jacket which is inspired from the bold shapes and contrasting black and white camouflage emitting from early Military Dazzle Ships. “My choice to use 3M reflective fabric came from wanting to juxtapose the idea of camouflage, and instead using the colors and shapes associated with Dazzle Ships as a means of drawing attention to the clothing.” Look for more @mollysellars_.

“Slicer sandals”, “stiletto stamps”, “peels” (heels with a peeler for the heel) and more… These are just a few of Nicole Mclaughlin’s fantastic, fashionable and functional creations. Mclaughlin is known by many, and her inventions leave a lingering “but why?” for few. While she explains that upcycling was a “direct result” of her financial circumstances, the DIY designer claims it made her “dig a little deeper [and use] what is available and maximize its potential.” And thank goodness for that. Mclaughlin’s designs have not only shaken the industry, but they have inspired many to literally think outside the box. Look for more @nicolemclaughlin

Made-you-look, yet? One thing is evident from all these DIY designers – the devil’s in the details. Whether recycling, upcycling, shaping, or reshaping, each designer has taken risks, disrupted society’s ideas of “normal”, and created truly unique pieces that each tell a story.

Jazmin Reyes (@_jazreyes)

Molly Sellars (@mollysellars_)

Nicole Mclaughlin (@nicolemclaughlin)

Words by: Sandy Aziz (@thesandakin) Art direction: Jennifer Otieno (@jenny.o)

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