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Meet Jalle: the 18-year-old alternative pop singer who sings about everything from heartbreak to getting high. Growing up in Nottingham, Jalle - pronounced ‘Ya-lee’ - saw music as a tool for communication and began performing open mic nights at his local community recording studio. Since then, he has already been featured on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show with his debut ‘Pick Me Up’ and has just been signed to Warner Records. He is influenced by Bob Marley, Post Malone and, in particular, J Cole, who he says inspires his raw, emotive lyrics.

We spoke to the up-and-coming artist on which 5 songs have changed his perspective on music…

I remember hearing this song for the first time when I was younger. I heard the first few lyrics and they really hit a nerve. I had never really felt a connection to lyrics before - I was only 11 at the time - and even still to this day, this song makes me feel the same way I did when I was 11.

The opening line of this song is ‘First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil, For real, you the only father that I ever knew’. This makes me think of all the people that tried to be a father figure for me over the years and made me realise that writing lyrics about other people in your life immortalises them forever, making sure they are never forgotten.

I found this song when I was going through a really tough time in life, and it made me realise that writing down how I felt and being brutally honest in a song could be the form of release that I needed to heal. This song inspired so many songs early on when I was writing in my bedroom.

This made me realise that people want to hear other people’s stories and what they have been through, even the dark things that haunt them. I just think this song is super honest.

This song was a song I used to listen to all the time when I was younger, not really knowing what the lyrics meant at all, but as I got older it has stayed with me and I relate to this song so much now.

Article by: Charlotte Hingley

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