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GET TO KNOW GIGI MOSS: love, lyrics & lockdown

If you haven’t been following Gigi Moss, now is the time to get to know the 20-year-old musician. The North-Londoner is about to take the music world by storm with her new single ‘Poisoned Whispers’ releasing February 26, 2021.

Growing up, Gigi Moss was surrounded by music - from hearing her dad constantly playing the drums in the garage to her mom’s singing. These little things manifested her intentions and ignited her love for music. And they led to her journey of becoming the singer and songwriter that she is today. Moss describes the exact day she fell in love with music as if it were still fresh. She was only 6 years old when she got her first guitar and wrote a song for her grandfather, which she had never met. “I think that’s when I knew. I just knew from then on that’s what I wanted to do. It’s crazy when you’re younger you want to be many things but mine never changed. I always wanted to be a musician,” Moss says.

With three lockdowns down, Moss’ mind is stuck on music. The musician finds herself constantly learning new chords on her piano, strumming on the guitar and writing her love songs. Her soulful voice is unmatched, and her lyrics are honest while full of romance and heartbreak. The anecdotes that are poured into her lyrics stem from different times of her life or just taking inspiration from those closest to her. “What’s great about writing is that so many people take it as a love song, but it can literally be about any kind of relationship and what’s amazing is that people can just listen to it and identify to whatever is going on in their lives,” Moss explains. While giggling, the young singer assures me that there will be happy songs in the future too since last year’s confinements largely led to lovesick melodies. And those lovesick melodies, Moss claims are “probably some of my best songs”, which I don’t doubt for a second. With an upcoming single on February 26th, the singer spills that she is also writing a lot of music for her EP that is set to drop in 2022.

Moss’ undeniable talent caught the attention of rapper, AJ Tracey. Since her last release that came out 2 years ago, titled ‘Issues’, she’s had the support of AJ Tracey and Big Zuu. She’s embarked on this journey of personal growth and development as an artist since her last single and you can almost hear the excitement in her voice that they’ve been by her side since the beginning. “They’ve been so supportive of me, and I think it’s just really inspiring to have people who do such great things and have such amazing work believe in me,” says Moss.

Gushing about her goals, Moss shares that they include writing a James Bond theme song, performing at the Royal Albert Hall, and winning a Grammy. As for now, she’s grateful that she’s been patient with the release of her music because her mantra is, “patience is the key to everything.” It is fitting then that Moss’ advice to her younger self also weaves in patience. “Be patient. Don’t overthink and start studying and researching [early].” The singer continued, “when you start listening to different music and you go out of your comfort zone and reading into things, that is so important. You don’t realise how much influence it has on your creating, song writing, and singing the melodies you make up.”

Moss is everything but a stranger to the industry. Her voice speaks volumes, and her powerful lyrics comfort you in times of heartbreak. Watch this space and get to know Moss – her latest single titled 'Poisoned Whispers' is out now!

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