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Going Solo and Experimental: MORGAN, the soultress behind the Rudimental vocals is ready to level up

MORGAN is the epitome of a true Aries - confident with a fiery passion and powerful energy. The 21-year-old is manifesting new heights of success. Discovered at the age of 17 by the electronic band Rudimental, the singer's life quickly turned upside down when she was offered the opportunity to tour the world with the DJ group. At 18, she left Watford to pursue her dreams and entered a fast paced lifestyle of fame and exclusivity. “I was 18 and everyone else was, like, 29. I was around all these people who were older than me - you have no choice but to mature”.

“I’ve done my comfortable stage, not having too much pressure on me and just being able to release songs. Now I want to take it to the next level.”

After releasing her first solo debut ‘Alien’ in March 2020, MORGAN is ready to challenge her sound, leaving her undefinable by the boundaries of genre. “I’m going to be taking it up a notch, and you will hear different sounds from me. I think it’s important that I experiment with sounds as a developing artist, because a lot of artists don’t experiment.”

Existential highs and dangerous lows characterise the music industry, the singer tells me how the Rudimental boys helped guide her through the experiences of the industry by acting as a mentor to her:

“Sometimes when you come off stage, because there’s so much energy going, you can get down, but Rudimental trained me not to feel this way. So many artists don’t get that training, and they end up becoming a massive superstar. They go on stage, they come off, they get depressed; a lot turn to drugs. I’m really lucky I have people who are protecting me.”

While MORGAN attributes much of her solo growth to performing with Rudimental, she acknowledges there will be many more avenues to explore when establishing a career separate to the band. “‘When you’re a developing artist, you want to be performing and giving people live music because it’s so important. I’m excited now that I am coming back and I can start doing my own gigs.” She reflects upon her emotional reaction when performing her first live show since lockdown to 30,000 people at Latitude festival “I just looked out and thought it's like everything over the past two years just never happened. It was crazy..”

The opening of venues sees the opening of new beginnings for MORGAN, giving a space for reincarnation of identity and evolution of style. The singer excitedly tells us how there are no limits to her freedom and expression when producing music, and fills us in on the creative process behind her new release ‘Nobody Else’, featuring Kasien.

“Me and Kasien wrote it in the studio together, with Karma Kid on the production and Jay Weathers on the ad prod, and it was a very natural session. We wanted to make a song that was happy and quite inspirational. The song's lyrics are so pure, there’s nothing in the song that is negative, it's all about uplifting yourself, feeling good and treating your body well.”

While we may hear an eclectic style of sound coming from MORGAN, the singer’s philosophy with lyrics remains constant. Strongly believing in the powerful essence of words, the singer explains how music is subliminal, and this drives her to write empowering lyrics. “If I have a chorus and the song is chanting that we need nobody else, I treat my body well, to me, it’s a positive message that will go into somebody’s head, and if they wake up in the morning and it’s the first thing they listen to I think it’s a beautiful thing.”

Stream ‘Nobody Else’ now on Spotify and Apple Music

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