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Gorillas: Decadence, delivered.

As the festive season fast approaches it remains hard to believe that only a year ago we were stuck in a winter lockdown. After being stuck inside for months on end we were so hungry for a pinch of normality that we were regularly attending parties over Zoom. You could stick Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Paris Hilton on Zoom with an open bar and a DJ and you still wouldn't be able to make that shit look fun. Anyone who attended an online “clubnight” during lockdown deserves a participation Oscar for the acting it took to pretend that you actually enjoyed yourself. Even through the cold of the winter we waited with baited breath to hear whether we would be granted permission to have two socially distanced friends over in your freezing cold snow covered garden. Hardly Winter Wonderland.

When Boris announced the London lockdown, the city descended into chaos. The thought of not seeing your friends or family over the festive period sent us all spinning and many, myself included, raced out of London before midnight to escape getting stuck in the capital. After all, Christmas is the social season. We treasure it dearly as a time allotted to drinking and being merry with family and friends. This year, more than most, it is time for us to reclaim the time we lost fretting. This year we must take our festive spirit and allow it to encourage quality over quantity, now that we can all be together again. No more mums fighting over the last bottle of Bollinger in the local off-license and more time spent at home together around the fire. Rather than battling it out trying to snatch a turkey from your neighbors icy fingertips in the supermarket, simply open your phone and download the Gorillas app.

Gorillas is a grocery delivery service which boasts the ability to get your groceries to you in minutes. Personally, I love to use it as a little party trick; you just wait until someone (inevitably) shares that they forgot a cocktail ingredient which now renders a whiskey sour completely eggless, and what the hell is the point in that? You act the hero and silently order it through Gorillas and without a doubt the cocktail trimmings arrive before you've even managed to untangle your shoelaces. The ease and accessibility of Gorillas makes it the ideal cure-all to any crisis. If the atmosphere at the office party is a bit dead and you want to inject a little festive spirit into your co-workers, Gorillas have a smorgasbord of alcohol available to choose from. They even stock Laurent-Perrier, so you can simultaneously flex to Julie from accounts whilst impressing your boss just enough to take you seriously for that next promotion (results not guaranteed).The app is incredibly quick and easy to use, making it the most stylishly subtle way to get groceries delivered. Once in the app all you need to do is select what you need, order it, and your job is done.You can even use it if you're running low on wrapping paper before the big day because, yes, they stock that too! In fact, they are so in-touch with the needs of us very definitely famous socialites that they offer vapes and tobacco products, saving you that cold and lonely dash to the big supermarket down the road after realising it closes in the next ten minutes. This winter, take the chance to be the saviour of the social season by spending less time in the supermarket, and more time with your loved ones.

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