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Gut instinct is telling us Ella McMurray’s latest single ‘Sixth Sense’ is out now.

Ella McMurray's work is undeniably mesmerising, a self-taught singer, writer and producer, she has a voice that feels as if it transcends time and space; a true old soul. Ella matches extraordinary vocals with beautiful, touching lyrics, and her latest single ‘Sixth Sense’ is no exception to that. ‘Sixth sense’ is a soulful recantation that meets us somewhere between life’s panics and its overwhelming feelings of self-doubt and external pressures to moments of relief, a lightness almost. Combining a soft ethereal energy with grittier gut instinct, Ella speaks to everyone. Listening, I’ve been transported to the turmoil of first heartbreaks, to self doubt in a young adult body, to becoming the person I see before myself today - It’s as equally comforting as it is self-effacing. Ella has the ability to soothe and yet be truly authentic in her lyricism. No mean feat.

The video accompanying the release is visual submersion into real feeling, thoughtfully directed.

‘Sixth Sense’ is a truly beautiful track, and the work of someone, not only talented, but who just “gets it”. Thank you, Ella.




Words by Sophie Leseberg Smith


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