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By Ellie Baker

Born and raised in the city of London, visual artist Isaac Andrews is the 19 year old implementing change within the art world. Figurative paintings with a focus on self-exploration, non-representational self portraits, and identity aim to initiate necessary conversations surrounding mental health.

Labelled as a social-commentator, his works focus on political,

social and societal issues, working between mediums to do so. Previously, he has worked with brands such as Converse, Nike, Footlocker and The Basement, often working for causes linked to his practice, raising money for charity.

‘The Party Is Over’ is Andrew's latest body of works which form his third solo exhibition. Andrews uses the self in these works as an everyman type figure, acting as a vehicle for the concepts present in the show - depicting the lone self in abstracted environments, existing somewhere between the real and the uncanny.

The title is taken from the 1970 Terence Dixondocumentary portrait of James Baldwin; “Meeting the Man: James Baldwin inParis”, in which Baldwin talks of the necessity of the fall of pretence and facade.

These presentations of the self, entirely unguarded and raw, intend to open up conversations surrounding mental health, and the need for awareness and openness, especially amongst young men.

The show is hosted in aid of Mind Charity, supporting those struggling with mental health problems, whilst campaigning for improved services and continuing to raise awareness. 25% of all artwork sales will be donated to Mind, as well as a print sale of which 100% of profits will be donated to Mind.

The exhibition located at exhibition located at 11 Dray Walk, Truman Brewery, E1 6QL will run from Friday 8th - Tuesday 12th.

Opening times:

Friday 12 - 7

Saturday 12 - 7

Sunday 12 - 6

Monday 11 - 7

Tuesday 11 - 7


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