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Up-and-coming photographer Georgia Jones shares her Valentine’s Day project “It’s All Love” with MSM. The romantic exploration is part of a wider investigation into young love and modern relationships, and Georgia discusses her amorous inspirations with Bee Beardsworth.

It’s the ultimate Hallmark holiday - Yet when the first year came around that I properly had a Valentine, the idea of having one day to celebrate someone you love no longer seemed cheesy but quite amazing.

Would you call yourself a romantic?

I would say I’m a romantic, for sure. I first watched Jane Eyre when I was 14 and I fell totally for the classic fairy-tale portrayal of love. My parents are also madly in love and have always been. Being able to witness their tenderness, but also how they had to work on their relationship and love, made me feel not only grateful but excited for when that was going to happen for me.

I love surprises, romantic gestures and all the cheesy shit that comes with having a partner, however some of the best romances in life come from your friendships I believe. Those are the true romances for all of us, and that’s what partially inspired the project. Hamish and Freddy, Jesse and Jake, Maddy and Mahika, Kix Rachel and Molly, Cami and Skye- most of the people that came to the project brought their best friends and I think that says a lot about how we all see love.

What inspired these images?

The idea comes from multiple places! I was thinking about Valentine’s Day generally. It’s the ultimate Hallmark holiday - I think we are all aware of its ridiculousness and superficiality, buying chocolates and massive teddy bears in a display of sickly grandeur. Yet when the first year came around that I properly had a Valentine, the idea of having one day to celebrate someone you love no longer seemed cheesy but quite amazing. Perhaps I am relishing in my smugness, however this ‘holiday’ (not sure you can even call it that) sparked the idea of the project “It’s All Love”. Showing Valentine’s Day for what it is: commercial and cheesy, but possessing some underlying (and perhaps redeeming) tenderness.

The set was heavily inspired by a 1920’s fencing costume I found on Ebay that had an embellished heart stating ‘my heart belongs to’ on the left breast. I thought this motif would resonate well when combined with an 80’s prom style.

Mostly, however, I wanted to document people I love with the other people they love or things they love. Highlighting the tackiness of the day, whilst also anchoring it in sentimentality by using the love letters. They are my favourite part of the project. The vulnerability that people were prepared to express is incredibly touching.

Do you think that love can be used as a vehicle to negotiate the difficulties facing young people today? If so, how?

I’m not too sure. I think being more open to the people we love and being more honest about how and why we love them would do a fair bit. I always make a point of telling the people around me I love them. Love is a loaded word but it’s a simple way of connecting to others that does a lot more than I think we give credit.

Do you have a favourite song or artwork depicting love?

I have so many songs, but he’s a few:

Sabali by Amadou and Miriam

Girl from the North Country by Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash

Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles (I’m a narcissist, what can I say!)

And I Love Her (cover) by Santo and Johnny

Everything I Am Is Yours by the Villagers

I don’t have any artwork in particular, but my love for heart shaped imagery started with this image of this potato. Truly inspiring:

What does being in love feel like to you?

Really. Very. Crazy

I now understand what people mean when they say ‘Crazy in Love’. It’s quite cool.

Who are the people in your series “It’s All Love”?

So many people to thank:

Madeline Black, Mahika Gautam, Stela Kostomaj, Molly Hunt, Katie Griffiths, my beautiful best friends and housemates who put up with me building a 4-meter heart in our living room and being the best supports.

To all my amazing friends: Hamish, Freddie and Hamish, Bo-Min, Callum Hansen, Inez Valentine, Iris Luz, Sole, Ida Immendorff, Miss Camilla, Skye Tholstrop, Jesse Crankson, Zaynab, Ellis Gilbert, Tilly Hogarth, Kix, Rachel Marston, Edie Jones, Christian, Eric, Nicky, Silva, Zuleika, The Kostomaj Family, Mia, Charly Porter, Ruby Blue Anderson, Queen Christina Libri.

My Family: Dylan Jones, Sarah Jones, Edie Jones.

And my inspiration always, Max Heilbronn (Happy Valentine’s Day <3)

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