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With today marking the 36th annual ‘Air Max Day’, JD brings to light which Air Max design is in fact the nation's favorite.

After analyzing data dating back 1 year, the results are in!

In third place we have a tie between the Air Max 97 and the Vapormax, both amounting to 13.1% of Google Air Max searches.

Futuristic in its look, the Air Max 97’s stand out from the crowd being progressive in its design originally inspired by the Japanese bullet trains. With the 97’s making a historic comeback this year by relaunching the iconic Air Max 97 Silver Bullets, it’s no surprise that the 97’s are in the top 3 most searched.

The Vapormax are yet another example of Nike’s cutting edge designs within the Air Max family. Being raved about hugely in the city of Hull, making up 28% of Vapormax searches.

Runner up with 19.6% of searches are the Air Max 90’s.. It’s a sneaker that still remains progressive whilst being resistant to time and trends. Their unique shape, attractive design, comfort and salient colorways all contribute to their popularity. The Air Max 90 is also the front runner in Bristol and Manchester.

Coming in as the nation’s favorite Air Max is the Air Max 95’s, dominating a huge 29% of searches. A cultural classic and firm favorite within the UK, it’s no surprise that they take top spot. After their original appearance in 1995, the 95’s have been one of the most sought after sneakers, with ever evolving colorways, the 95’s are a statement sneaker and it doesn’t look like they’re going to be knocked off the top spot any time soon.

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