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By Alice Hingley

KeepVibesNear is an artist whose name does not mislead. His effortlessly charismatic energy characterises his music and personality alike. As we speak over the phone, he is the embodiment of good vibes. Following the successful release of new tunes ‘Late Night Link’ and ‘Late Night Drive’, KVN is positioning himself as an innovator in the alternative RnB scene. With credits including NTS and monthly streams approaching six-figures, the skillful lyricist is definitely one to keep on your radar. As he branches out into the world of modelling and makes moves to headline Boxpark, we caught up with KVN to gain an insight into his life.


Congratulations on dropping ‘Late Night Link’ - tell me about the single, how did it come about?

It's something that I made at a point where I didn't put much pressure on myself in the studio. Minas, who produced the track, and Luke RV, one of the features on the track, are from Wales. I always rated their ting because I love Luke's Welsh accent. Me and Harvey linked up with them for the first time at a Manga St. Hilaire show and the next day we all got in the studio.

Do you enjoy collaborating with other people, and is that something you've done much of?

I spent a really long time finding my own style and craft and singing to myself, writing to myself. Now I feel like I'm in a really good place where I have a catalogue of archived, unreleased music that I'm just sitting on. I'm a big fan of the process of making music, I love sessions, seeing how people make songs. I'm a writer. I really like writing for other people, writing for myself, writing scripts, writing poems. Seeing how other artists come up with their concepts is something that I've always found really cool.

It can be as simple as having someone in the room that might hum in the corner that just sparks inspiration. Someone can say one word, and that will make you think of ten.

You've said your writing process is very emotionally charged, how did you find out that writing was such a good outlet for you?

I had a really good English teacher in sixth form. I used to play guitar and sing and write songs and she'd use my song as the poem in class that day. She got me into writing scripts and then I wanted to be a journalist.


You've spoken out against toxic masculinity, what does that term mean to you?

Men and society in general give emotions a negative connotation. I make R&B and love songs. But mostly men listen to my stuff. Why? Because mostly men keep their emotions in and manifest them in ways that are toxic. That's something that needs to change. There's so many men struggling with mental health, the amount of guys I know that have been bawling because their girlfriend left them, it's not a secret that mandem are emotional.

You're playing Box Park at the end of the month, how do you feel about live performance?

I love being in the studio, I feel like I'm not the greatest singer but I'm really good at being myself on stage and portraying what I do. I was gassed to curate that because I've been curating Boxpark events for a while.

When is your next project coming out?

I've just got the songs done, but I'll try to get it done for late summer. I wanna put out a dark project in the summer and have the contrast of mellow songs with sunny skies.

‘Late Night Link’ is available now on all streaming platforms.

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