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This week Mission Statement introduces sensational UK female artist Kelly Kiara, a singer/songwriter powerhouse with unique and meaningful tongue-in-cheek techniques. As we patiently await her forthcoming EP called "Girls Like You" the single releases of "Sex Faces" and "Set Me Up" illustrate Kelly's increasingly unattainable rising-star qualities seen from both sides of the Atlantic. 

Kelly made an entrance in the industry with her 30 million hit cover of "Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber back in 2016. Then in 2019 two more signature Kelly Kiara tracks were released securing her international potential with major support from China. The newly seductive track "Sex Faces" twists themes of sexuality, femininity, love and lust, all on a bed of playful production. Speaking on the track Kelly says, "Sex faces unapologetically bold, eccentric and playful" and in the interview below she delves into the wonderful world of Kelly Kiara.

Interview below by Izabel Rose

Where are you from / where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Leeds, which indefinitely gave me my character. I moved to London 4 years ago and have been working between there and LA since. 

What are your favourite things about being a UK artist?

My favourite part about being a UK artist is all the talented people I get to work with here and the unique sound which the UK producers have harnessed! I love the UK's passion for Grime, Garage and RnB and how we're able to fuse the sounds.

How would you describe your style of music?

I would describe my music as unapologetic and honest lyrically, with unforgettable melodies. I also use my whistle often as a sound within my music which is unique to me!

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go & why?

I have always wanted to visit Africa and go on Safari, that's my ideal romantic holiday! I would also LOVE to carry out charitable work overseas concentrating on children's education.

What has been your hardest achievement?

My hardest achievement to date is learning to enjoy my own company whilst travelling alone for many years for work. Sounds simple but it's still something I'm working on as it can be a lonely work environment despite being surrounded by new people often. 

What's the number one thing you love about yourself?

I absolutely love the confidence and belief I instil in people and the unconditional love I have for them. I am a Leo, so I am intensely loyal too!

Which genre of music could you never live without?

80s & 90s pop! I love exaggerated hooks and melodies.

How do you overcome negative emotions? 

I allow myself to cry, be sad and sleep it off; If that doesn't work then I write down why I'm feeling negative, who can help me resolve it and how I can prevent it happening in the future! Negative emotions are a part of life and it's important to eat well, experience new things and recharge in order to not disrupt the peace in our minds.

What charity are you supporting the most at the moment?

I have been going on peoples personal just giving pages who I don't know and donating. It fills me with joy to know I've helped towards a young girl's spinal recovery or a child's healthcare rather than sending money to faceless, sometimes corrupt large organisations. 

Everyone's obsessing over your latest track 'Sex Faces', what are your future plans that we can look forward to?

Thankyou! Sex Faces is an entity of its own and has been a standout song and visual for me. It was an opportunity for me to express my sexual liberation and also dance in a martini glass which fulfilled my pin-up dreams! 

My future plans for this year are releasing my first mixtape where I really show my vulnerability and let you into my real-life experiences as well as delivering a clothing line which I have been designing and currently taking into production. 

What drink would you normally order on a night out?

I am not a big drinker! However, my poison of choice is usually a deceivingly cute pink cocktail, Vodka always.

What's most motivating to you?

A beautiful home to enjoy having friends and family over to and knowing that I have positively impacted others.

What is your Mission Statement? 

The world doesn't need you to be prettier, curvier, skinnier, wealthier or more content. It needs you to be bold, courageous and fearless, it needs you to be empathetic and caring towards strangers and it needs you to be motivated by passion and love.

Words by: Izabel Rose

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