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Make Big Moves with Ciroc

By Meg Helm

CÎROC Vodka unveils its new campaign, celebrating those who Make Big Moves and inspiring a generation to do the same.

The brand has aligned itself with a diverse, electric collective to front its first-ever UK campaign: Krept & Konan, Winnie Harlow and Bimini embody spontaneity and self-expression, spearheading the space for creative outliers and cultural pioneers in society. This fun, high-energy campaign places CÎROC at the forefront of culture.

CÎROC celebrates the bold. Each vibrant vodka is fronted by an artist, bringing it to life and delivering unique personality. Let us introduce you:

Critically acclaimed rap duo, Krept & Konan are CÎROC’s original vodka, Blue Dot.

“We have been making big moves both in and out of the studio for over a decade now and are delighted to be a part of the CÎROC Vodka campaign to celebrate those who own this mantra and to inspire those who are yet to make their mark.” they declare.

In her campaign for CÎROC Pineapple, Winnie captivates in a tiered yellow tulle evening gown whilst sipping on a CÎROC Pineapple Spritz cocktail.

“I’m so excited to be partnering with CÎROC Vodka for the Make Big Moves campaign as it’s important that we celebrate ourselves, unapologetically and without limitation.” she shares.

Performer and recording artist Bimini flies the flag for CÎROC Red Berry.

“I’m proud to partner with CÎROC Vodka for the Make Big Moves campaign as we share a passion for the freedom of expression and self-celebration,’ states Bimini. “I’m looking forward to inspiring people to step into their own limelight with CÎROC.”

With these new partnerships, CÎROC hopes to inspire a generation to make bold moves with their style and creativity. To make the everyday extraordinary, and create the space for people to live their authentic lives to the full at times.

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