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MELT: disrupting the world of jewellery

By Bee Beardsworth

MELT Jewellery is a London-based brand established in 2021. With the aim of becoming a disruptor in the jewellery space, founder Prachi Jain taps into her Indian heritage, reflecting the complexity of the diasporic experience with the fluidity of the human experience through experimentation with stones and metals, manifested in organic form and shape. The demi-fine jewellery brand’s first collection MELT SERIES 1.0 encapsulates Prachi’s desire to create something as and for the youth of today, delving into a delicate balance of innovation, artistic expression and timeless creativity. The latest collection and THE CUSTOM SHOP allows buyers to customise their jewellery, swapping and altering the stones over time in a way that supports human evolution and sustainability.

Q. Hey Prachi, what has your path been towards your current role as the creative director and founder of MELT? I understand your heritage plays an important role in your relationship to the brand?

It was such an impactful change in my life when I moved here 6 years ago from India, almost like being woken up from a dream. I was exposed to so much so quickly that my senses wanted to absorb as much as possible - it was surreal. I founded MELT in 2021. The brand represents the fusion of different cultures and the creative experiences I have had and my voice as a South Asian designer.

Q. What drew you to the world of jewellery as an artistic medium?

I have always had a love for fashion and product design as that’s been my creative background before conceiving MELT. In the summer of 2019, I was commissioned to design a men’s jewellery collection for a fine jewellery brand called Amrapali, for their UK market. Jewellery is like a golden mean between product and fashion and it was like I’ve found my calling. It came so naturally to me, like it was meant to be, if you believe in things like that.

Q. How have you learned to hone your craft on a physical level? Do you find the process of creating jewellery meditative or grounding?

The craft of creating jewellery, the precision involved, studying the organic form and the behaviour of the metal is a continuous learning process. Every piece of jewellery is like a miniature sculpture so the beauty is all in the delicate details. I find the process meditative as well as reflective of my current state of mind and experiences. Every piece I design for MELT has its own individual inspiration behind it and its own story while still being a part of one collection.

Q. How would you describe running your business? Has it been challenging or is it something you’ve found more natural and organic?

MELT is my first baby and I’m still carving out my own story and perspective to create the foundation of this new jewellery concept. Like any startup, we have faced challenges but I believe in organic growth for a business. We’ve seen a steady growth since launch which has allowed us to make tweaks and changes along the way to improve.

Q. How did you envision the need for MELT, as the brand is both sustainable and customisable? It’s honestly pretty genius - “THE CUSTOM SHOP” concept of buying jewellery that you can eternally change the stones in, as opposed to discarding and replacing them with a new item.

Thank you! I have always felt quite sad about parting with my favourite piece of jewellery after it lived its life as I always form such an attachment with it, as many of us do. So MELT was invented as a new age jewellery company. With our new collection and THE CUSTOM SHOP, we have introduced a mechanism built into our pieces whereby the customers can customise/create their own jewellery from an array of options available on our website. This is a new concept that will reprogram the banal routine of buying-wearing-discarding jewellery. So, that’s the reason why it's a futuristic, sustainable and an ever evolving concept where no piece of your precious jewellery would be replaced after a year or two. The idea is that one can turn the old into new by just switching a single component.

Q. How do you choose the designs you send to production and corresponding stone options?

Generally in jewellery design practice, the stone is the centrepiece of a creation and the form is created around the stone to enhance its glamour, whereas I tend to do the opposite. The design process for me starts at the concept and then devising the form of the metal. Later the crystal is sourced in its raw state and hand carved to fit in the silver form.

Q. What do you envision for the future of MELT as an innovative disruptor in the jewellery space?

MELT was formed to challenge the conventional existence and to amend the way we have known jewellery to date. We want to create our own space within the industry as a futuristic jewellery company and be at the forefront of modern design in the jewellery industry. That would be the dream!

Q. What are your favourite items from the MELT SERIES 1.0 collection?

Every piece is very special to me, but I think my favourite is the ROUND MELT 102 RING. Funnily enough the inspiration behind it was quite random. It was a distorted crown cap of a beer bottle on a night out that I found intriguing. I thought I had to turn this into a ring but I couldn’t remember what it looked like the next day, so I drew like a hundred drawings to recall its shape and that’s what ended up becoming the Round Melt 102 Ring.

Q. What inspires you?

I am inspired by various installation art, fantasy stories, retro futurism, utopian dreamscapes. DIY tribal punk archives are also somewhere I always find inspiration.

The MELT SERIES 1.0 collection is now available on

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