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MISSION POSSIBLE: reinventing your wardrobe.

Are you nearing the feeling of abandoning certain garments? MSM’s “how to” guide will spark your upcycling experience to transform your existing material into something new and exciting!

As the world continues its pervasive fight against COVID-19, many cities face extreme lockdown regulations leaving people confined to their homes, thoughts, and feelings. Even outside of the constraints of the pandemic, fashion was already changing slowly, arguably for the better. Upcycling clothing, which became popular even before the pandemic, has become even more satisfying and popular during lockdown seasons. While upcycling keeps us busy in the archives of our clothing, it is also fantastically good for the planet, as we extend the life cycle of the garments that we choose to put our unique stamp on. Repurposing clothing is a rebellious act against our culture of “newness”; and it exists really well in the realm of anti-fashion – so think ragged hems and weird proportions. There are no rules, take control!

Heres what you will need to begin:

  • Sharp Scissors

  • Needle, thread (or better yet, a sewing machine)

  • Old, uninteresting clothing that need updating

  • A creative imagination

1. Eye out your wardrobe. What do you have in there? Are there pieces you no longer wear, or have holes and tears in them? This step is a clearance step. Sort the junk from the prized, and feel all the better for clearing space in your wardrobe. Set aside the pieces you want to play with.

2. Acquaint yourself with your chosen piece. What could it become? Personally, I’ve turned jeans and cloth rice bags into tops, and pants into skirts; every pattern can be altered with a little imagination. Find the seams on the piece, and start cutting with your trusty scissors.

3. Lay out the cut-up pieces; can they be stitched back together in a fun way? Thread your needle or sewing machine, and set up shop to stitch new life into the piece.

4. Pin the pieces together; mix and match various fabrics or pieces. Maybe the leg of a pair of jeans would look great as a tube top? Or maybe those naff pants need to be shredded completely?

5. Get sewing, and let your creativity reign! Trust that you will be surprised with the outcome; and relish in your creative output.

Written by: Holly Bell Beaton

Instagram: @hollybellb

Illustrations by: Abigail Laurel Morton

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