by Alice Hingley

Finn Foxell has proven himself to be one of the most talented vocalists coming out of the West London music scene. His undisputedly smooth flow combined with his distinct wit and charm has meant that the Shepherds Bush native has won himself a loyal fan base. His latest release Alright Sunshine, which came out last month, has been met with critical acclaim and seems to mark the beginning of a bright future for Finn. We spoke over Zoom about the importance of creative surroundings, motivation routines and his vision for his future.

What influenced the Alright Sunshine EP?

The EP was made over the course of the last few years. It was an amalgamation of everyone around me, everything I was on, leading up to where I am now. It's not too deep. It's just Alright Sunshine, man. Just a playful little love letter to Brits in their late teens, I was trying to keep it wholesome.

Musically it sounds quite light compared to your earlier singles and