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MSM x Axel Arigato - Our Worlds Collide: Fashion and Music

By Leonie Bell

We teamed up with Axel Arigato to commemorate the merging of the fashion and music industries that is Paris Fashion Week.

Max Svärdh and Albin Johansson founded brand Axel Arigato in 2014, with the aim of providing luxury sneakers at a more affordable price range. As the brand has grown, they have extended their range to include menswear, womenswear and accessories.

Last Thursday we took over the Axel Arigato flagship store and the vibes were immaculate. Guests mingled and danced along to sounds provided by RamonSavedMe, sipped on their beers and CBD infused drinks supplied by Trip, all dressed in their finest garms.

We also heard from the likes of BenjiFlow, Benny Mails, Mario Maher and Noni Yolande who shared their thoughts on how the music and fashion worlds collide. Noni so eloquently explained how she sees ‘fashion (brands) as the merchandise to a movement, while music acts as the soundtrack’. Rapper Benny Mails shared his thoughts on the impact music has on clothing and his experience working on sound design for Bianca Saunders PFW show.

Questions from the audience sparked an interesting conversation debating the influence of Europe on the United States. Which led to talks about man of the moment Clint419, his streetwear label Corteiz, and how he is focused on making a name for himself in the European market. He is a key example of the importance of culture based, community driven brands and how successful you can be when you remain to yourself.

During the event we had a live art performance from London based artist Sam Wootton, who painted a beautiful piece amidst all the chaos. He let us know the piece is part of a larger body of work centred around building your identity while caring for your inner child. Finally, we ended the night with a performance from rapper Feux, who had us up on our feet, arms in the air, vibing along to his tracks.

Models, stylists, designers, celebrities and influencers alike come together to celebrate the harmonious synergy that is fashion and music. Last Thursday, and Paris Fashion Week in general, perfectly showcases this.

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