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The three words Nabhaan Rizwan has as his social media biography. ‘The Martian thing is an ode to Pharrell,’ Rizwan tells Mission Statement Magazine (MSM). Rizwan continues, ‘it’s [Pharrell’s] term for an artist that is creatively apart in their practice and uniqueness. Not saying I epitomize that, but I like keeping it in the back of my mind; to never treat art as a sport and be able to move sideways, too.’

And with that…. welcome earthlings, to the wonderful world of Nabhaan Rizwan.

You may recognize the talented actor who debuted in the BAFTA-nominated six-part drama series, Informer as Raza, a young second-generation British-Pakistani man from London. A year later, Rizwan appeared as solider, Sepoy Jondalar, alongside an all-star cast in the incredible BAFTA-winning WWI drama, 1917. Currently, the actor tells MSM he is working with one of his favorite directors, Hiro Murai on a show about a global pandemic – though they started working on it long before the Coronavirus pandemic emerged.

Additionally, Rizwan is set to star in the new HBO/BBC Two show, Industry, arriving this fall. ‘My character, Hari, is a young guy from a humble background with a good heart; he’s just caught up in the hamster wheel. And caught up in Hermès ties,’ Rizwan hints. And, if you are wondering what Industry is about, Rizwan describes it as a show ‘based around a group of finance interns [that are] all struggling to survive and compete in the world.’ All too relatable for the majority of young professionals striving and thriving out there in concrete jungles. The actor has a growing list of people in the industry he would love to work with including Steven Yeun and Jonathan Majors. ‘I want to work with some more dope female directors, too,’ Rizwan adds with intention. On the topic of intention, despite using nouns – actor, rapper, Martian in his social media biography, Rizwan emphasizes the one adjective he would use to describe himself is intentional. In fact, this is of great importance to him. Rizwan reasons that he would like ‘to just be super deliberate with every choice, big or small’ and ‘hopefully letting that specificity be the thread that pull me through my career.’

The 23-year-old actor also holds a passion for music and goes by the name El Huxley. Rizwan tells MSM that this name reference’s a Mos Def (Yasiin Bey) lyric: Hey Huxley, what you smokin’.. don’t let the arcade put you in a coma - and this line stuck with Rizwan. ‘I like the industry being described as an arcade, there’s fun to be had, but like a casino, the house always gets the bag… [and the El] is a common Arabian prefix, so I thought I throw that in just because,’ explains Rizwan.

Not only does Rizwan have a new EP out next month, but it is called Fantastic Planet. Again - we repeat: welcome earthlings to the wonderful world of Nabhaan Rizwan.

‘[Fantastic Planet] is just a big zoomed-out look at the world, and us asking ourselves where we are at this current moment.’ We find ourselves asking where we are at this current moment too, and we cannot wait to see the something ‘extra’ and intentional that Rizwan puts in extraterrestrial.

Watch his space @nabhaanr

By Sandy Aziz

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