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Parisian "it girl" Alizée takes us to Chanel

By Bee Beardsworth

“Living in an endless moodboard” is Alizée Gamberini’s instagram bio. Described by Vogue Paris as being a new generation digital muse, Alizée is an artistic creator focused on understanding the world around her through her various lenses and curating her vision through a richly woven tapestry of art, literature, film, and her poignant Tumblr girl aesthetics. Alizée attended a myriad of shows across this past fashion month in New York, Milan and Paris, where she now calls home, and wrapped up the month with the iconic Chanel show. She tells Bee Beardsworth about her journey so far and what she is dreaming of next.

Model, creative director and styling Alizée Gamberini

Photography Maëva Gamberini

Clothes, shoes and bag Chanel

How did you come to live in Paris? What does the city mean to you?

I was born and raised in the South of France, Montpellier. I have always been a very creative and free minded person. I always wanted to show people what was in my mind, but the people around me were not really ready for this where I grew up. I did well in school and I decided to do law studies… I had this deep feeling that this path would bring me to where I belonged at the end. Today, when I think about that moment when my younger self was telling herself: be patient, trust your instinct, I am very proud. At the end of my law studies, I decided to come to Paris because I was accepted in a very good university, and honestly I don’t know if without my studies I would have come here. This city means a lot to me because it’s the beginning of a new life, a new destiny - I knew I was gonna be able to be who I really am here. I love my hometown but it was impossible to be who I was there. Paris is hard, intense and overwhelming, but it’s a very big part of my life now.

How did you end up becoming a digital creator?

I think this is a very tough question because I don’t even remember how all of this became something. You know, I was creating videos, shooting some stuff just for fun, and people started following me, then I was reposted, then I met the right people and I knew how to make good opportunities. Everything went super fast, and it was just like when I was a child and I was telling myself trust your instinct, one day you’re gonna be who you always wanted to be. This is not a goal for me to be a digital creator. I don’t qualify myself as one. I just want to create cool stuff and share my own vision. And today I am very happy because people seem to like it! I am not looking for other people's approval, of course, but it is always nicer when people like what you are doing. It makes you a little bit more confident about your choices. I started with photos but my main goal is to do more videos, as I like to be in front and behind the camera, so I am taking my time to decide what I like the most. Acting would be the best thing to me, so I am just waiting for someone to give me my chance.

How has your fashion month been? Have there been any standout highlights and lowlights?

This fashion month has been one of the most intense months of my life since I started working in this industry. I was invited for the first time to New York and Milan, so it has been a lot of energetic exchange, but I knew it was worth it because I had the chance to meet new people, to attend beautiful shows, to wear amazing clothes, to work more with my sister, to show my work and to collect amazing memories for the future. I really think these are my highlights. I know I am very lucky to be able to do what I love and I have been very patient to live this life, but this is not my main goal and I need to work harder in order to achieve what I really want. It’s a long path and you have to keep in mind that this could end at any time; enjoy every single moment, never take things for granted if you want them to last forever. Even if this fashion month has been very positive, it also has its cons. As I said it is a big energy exchange and can be very draining. You are surrounded by a lot of people - people you like and people you don’t like.

How does it feel to attend shows like YSL, Louis Vuitton and Chanel?

Proud. I am very proud. To work with YSL, Louis Vuitton and Chanel is an absolute dream. I am very thankful to these brands for understanding my aesthetic and trusting me. I never thought I would be invited to these shows when I moved to Paris, especially because I was not working in fashion. I was just a random girl sharing photos and videos on the Internet. When you are exposing yourself on social media, you are facing a lot of different opinions, and sometimes it can be very hard to stay true to yourself, to not change to please others, to assume who you are. This is why some people are changing, but for me it’s different. I never wanted to change and I won’t. Thank you for all the love and support. This means the world to me and I will be forever grateful for this.

Tell us about working with the house of Chanel on your outfit, and attending the show.

I booked my fittings with the Chanel team a few days before the show. When I arrived there they had already chosen some outfits for me according to my tastes. We found this perfect outfit combining a long sleeved white dress layered under a very hot fishnet dress with Chanel logos on it, and some cool heels from the last show. We decided to put this vintage black leather jacket over the top that I’d bought in Brooklyn two weeks ago in a vintage shop for only $20. I really love the fact that they trust me with my outfits. It is always a pleasure to go to the showroom and have everybody say, “This is so you” and “We were only thinking about you to wear this”. I love the fact that my aesthetic is recognized and now people I love to work with are getting to know me, and most of all that they are trusting me to represent their brand in my own way.

How do you ground yourself in times with so much going on and so much stimulation and time pressure?

I am not gonna lie, this was a very intense month and I am still asking myself today how I was able to be surrounded with so many people and manage to succeed in everything I had to do. My family is very important to me. I live with my sister in Paris. She is definitely the one who helps me to ground myself. I am the type of girl who is never asking for help, who is able to do everything by herself (or who thinks she is), but sometimes it’s nice to know that you can count on another person if things are falling apart. And things can fall apart, especially during a fashion week month.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on lots of things at the same time. It can be a little bit overwhelming, but my brain is not made for resting, so I guess it will be like this forever. I am focusing on how to express myself in the best way. I am creating a lot of videos in which I am the main character, sometimes self recording myself, sometimes asking for help from my sister who also has a beautiful aesthetic. When we are mixing our minds together it can be very surprising. But I would love to start to put my ideas on other people, through videos. I am also writing some short films. I have so many notes on my computer. I hope one day I will understand how to put all of these elements together to create something even cooler. So, yes, at the moment I am focusing on acting and telling stories. I am a very optimistic person. This is why when I have something in mind I am doing my best to realize it. If it works it’s amazing, if not, I will try something else. Always believe in yourself. Nobody will do it for you. Forever.

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