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Pip Millett’s unmissable night of soul, emotion, sass and “Fancy”

Pip Millett's rescheduled show from Nov 2021 was in full throttle last week at London's Islington Assembly Hall and was truly an unmissable night of soul, emotion, sass and everyone's favourite track “Fancy”.

Manchester-born Pip Millett had a remarkable journey as one of the UK's brightest breakout stars in R&B and Soul, following up on 2019's lauded debut EP "Do Well" and recent releases "Deeper Dark" and "June" with her stunning second EP "Lost In June" and subsequent bonus single "Stupid People."

Islington Assembly Hall doors opened at 19.00 as the crowd waited to be blessed with Pip's luxury vocals, and after a high-anticipated introduction, she entered the stage. Performing 15 of her best tunes, Pip footed into the spotlight as her raw self in casual jeans and a black strappy top which elevated her authentic and true passion and talent.

Pip began with one of her most popular songs, "Heavily Mother," and immediately connected with the crowd via the finessed, controlled fury in her music. The audience was also treated to her rendition of Bob Marley's "Could You Be Loved," which had everyone rocking from side to side. Then came her single "Fancy" from Pip's first EP called "Do Well" which brought the atmosphere up and raised the tensions for her last tracks "Ava" a genuinely stunning, personal journey and Pip's first-ever single that she wrote herself titled, "Make Me Cry".

With a remarkable COLORS performance of her debut release "Make Me Cry" establishing Pip as a distinct new talent (now with over 4.2M views and counting), she released her debut EP 'Do Well' at the end of June last year alongside a feature-length video directed by KC Locke, who reached out after hearing her music. Meanwhile, Pip has gained viral popularity on BBC R1 and 1Xtra, with her unique approach and ability to address heavyweight themes distinguishing her as a unique and appealing talent (including a certain Jorja Smith, who continues to champion her).

Speaking to the fan on the night, "I was actually here earlier on so got to meet her, which was so lovely as it is the second time I have spoken to her. I started listening to her at Uni which was around 5 years ago now and her music is such a blessing, "Stupid People is my favourite track from me, I play it on repeat. - Faz from The Vibe Catalogue.

Pip Millet has an exciting year ahead as her music is being played in households across the world, keep an eye out for her uprising.

Stream her music here:

Article by Izabel Rose

Photography by Nee

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