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Kamal drops new double a-side single ‘autopilot’

Emerging from the new wave of creative youth in London is Kamal, a singer/songwriter/pianist from North West London whose tunes have been recognised by the likes of Billie Ellish and Dave.

Filled with bitter sweet tranquility, Kamal’s music has an all-encompassing nostalgic essence - his lyrics offer an interlude to the chaotic turbulence of youth. Hazy, dreamlike melody's echo throughout Kamal’s new double-a-side single, the featured tracks ‘autopilot’ and ‘about the party’ orchestrate to take us on a journey of one night of partying. Taking a fresh new angle, Kamal explores those moments of reflection amidst the energy of the night. 

Sprinkled with undertones of jazz, Kamal seamlessly weaves together mellow beats and meaningful lyrics to create a fresh single that is both alluring and harmonious.

In spirit of his new release ‘autopilot’, MSM talks to Kamal about his: Top 5 places to hangout in London

1. SARM Studios

This is probably the studio I've spent the most time in, and where I've recorded some of my favourite songs.  I wrote the song “Blue” in their blue studio, and a lot of the stuff I have coming was also recorded there.  It’s in west london, and a five minute walk from my grandparents house, although i haven’t been able to pay any visits due to covid.

2. Bread and Roses 

I don’t often go to pubs, but this venue was where I played some of my first ever gigs alongside my friends.  I remember performing smilingdownthephone and decline there, and hearing everyone singing it back, which was a proper magical moment for me.  Makes me want to perform just thinking about it.

3. Chicken Kitchen 

I’m always grabbing a dumpling burger or some sweet fruit punch from here when i’m recording in West.  Need that to refuel in a long studio session!

4. 266 Bus 

This bus has seen me in every state over the years, which is why it had to make the list.  I used to get this bus on the way to school in the morning, and also, a lot of the meaning behind the song “autopilot” derives from journeys on this bus; travelling late at night when the time seems to pass so quickly you can barely recall the events between leaving somewhere and arriving home.

5. Longstone Avenue Green

Since lockdown began, this small green open space in harleseden has become a socialising hotspot for me and a few friends. Since we could only meet outside, I ended up watching many a sunset here with friends (and even a sunrise once). Love coming here to meet people, or sometimes just on my own to clear my head.

Stream ‘autopilot’ and ‘about the party’ now on Spotify and Apple Music.

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