By Molly Smith, Charlotte Hingley

Dystopian pop artist Pyra has a creative vision with one central ambition - advocacy for social change. Playfully curating a fictional world dense with symbolism, her enigmatic self-directed video for the track ‘so cold’ reveals a talent far exceeding the realm of sound.

As seen in her latest EP Fkn Bad pt.2, Pyra is paving the way for socially engaged artists.

Her sound emulates the style of early 2000s pop-princess Avril Lavinge with a twist of Evanescence-esque grunge. Alternatinating between thrashing melancholic guitars and overexposed vocals, there is an embedded sense of yearning for a brighter future for the youth of Thailand.

Pyra’s aesthetic is conceptual art. Combining her Thai heritage, futuristic notes of technology and features of video game modification, her attention to detail with creative direction underpins her ability to successfully create a storytelling narrative of the dystopian future she currently envisions in her native country.

Situated within the fictional realm of an ice kingdom, the visuals of ‘so cold’ perpetuate a beautiful nightmare. Tastefully curated and combining surreleast visual cues, Pyra plays with the natural elements of ice and fire to depict an environment that is elegantly grotesque, continuously teetering between light and darkness.