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THE UTILITI CASE: summer's essential phone accessory

Planning ahead for a hedonistic summer, or maybe just hoping you won’t lose your card & keys on your next night out? Urban Sophistication has launched THE UTILITI CASE. Coming in black, brown, navy blue, and sage green, the ingenious bag/case hybrid design features pockets and a strap that give you the ability to transform your phone into a bag, with space for all the essentials: lipstick, lighter, headphones, coins and painkillers (lol).

Urban Sophistication is an instantly recognisable phone and accessories brand, best known for their Puffer cases and loved by the likes of Rosalía, Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Since being launched in 2015 by Isreali siblings Neta and Elad, the brand has continued to flourish. The duo envisioned building a streetwear label to embody their desire to storyboard pop culture with a permanence that outlives the “famous for 15 minute” sartorial cycle.

"The UTILITI Case is our most innovative case (yet). If you break down its components it’s nothing you haven’t seen before on a case. Yet when you see the case you ask yourself how has nobody done this until now?

Looking back at the evolution of phone cases, they were originally designed solely to protect the phone, and in that sense the ideal case is “invisible” - be with and feel without.

The fashion of phone cases for over a decade has revolved, for the most part, around this initial shape of the silicone case. What sets the UTILITI case apart is not the strap or the pockets, but the point of view through which it was designed. To create this case, personality and functionality were molded together rather than one being built one upon the other. Instead of designing a case for a phone, we designed a bag for everyday essentials, which also fits your phone.

As a phone case the UTILITI case might seem bulky, but as a bag - it’s as light as it can get."

Elad & Neta Yam, Founders of Urban Sophistication

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