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Unknown Spring '22 Launch

British streetwear brand Unknown structure their campaigns the same way that Times Square sells New Years Eve tickets - it's all about watching the ball drop. The brand's cult-like following are kept on the edge of their seat, whiteknuckled in anticipation for any glimmer of a potential launch, giving Unknown an air of exclusivity. Known for their trendy and high design approach to classic streetwear and athleisure, the brand is scorching a clear mark on the industry, approaching an area of luxury fashion that is less celebrated in the mainstream, blurring the lines of what we see as high fashion and how we are able to access it.

They are debuting their Spring ‘22 collection for Easter with a campaign fronted by drill star Rondo Da Sosa. The collection launches online through a drop schedule from now until the launch of their Summer ‘22 collection in June. An extended drop schedule means that Unknown are essentially styling you for the whole season. It also means that if you miss a launch and it sells out, you will have almost unlimited opportunities to get on the next one.

Founders Joe Granger and Callum Vineer have built the brand with a refreshing authenticity. The brand takes an ad-hoc approach to inspiration, picking ideas up throughout their travels and consistently building and elevating their design signature.

The Spring ‘22 launch is a distinct lesson in Y2K, 101. Icy rhinestoned graphic tees with signature font and matching shorts complement industrial style sandy coloured gilets for outer layering. For this collection, the brand put specialist focus into developing their accessories, producing bucket hats with logo hardware to be paired with matching gilet and shorts set. The brand introduce reflective metallic camo duffle bags, styled with one of their nude tracksuits with hip-to-toe zip detailing and hidden blue lining.

The collection will launch on the final date of their UK Road Tour which has seen a pop-up party bus stopping at major UK cities in the run up to Easter, before pulling into London on April 18th. A few items from the collection are available pre-launch and the Road Tour stops will be live-teased on their social media channels, giving you the chance to haul ass and have a good time.

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