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Yenesai: The Future of Fashion

Yenesai is a fashion label collective project that borrows its name from a river that travels from Siberia through Central Asia. The river is known for its’ nomadic people that travel along its path.

This year the Yenesai Global team of digital nomads came together to curate the most vibrant event of Paris fashion week. The event saw Yves Tumor, Venus X and a crew of French and UK artists performing and spinning a full spectrum of beats.

The launch of their online store meant a return to Silencio to celebrate, with performances from Deto Black, Bakar, Ciesay and resident DJs D33J and Darq E. Freaker. The event provided vibes and sounds that brought together unexpected faces like Alton Mason, Clermont Twins and Paris Jackson who partied the night away till 6am dawn.


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