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An Unknown drop to remember

British streetwear messiah Unknown have just dropped a new release that is sure to boost their record as one of the most popular streetwear brands of the past few years. Since the brand launched in 2016, almost every release has been an instant sell out for the fashion giant, as they have navigated their way into and on top of the UK sartorial streetwear scene. In today's drop we see a variation of their signature rhinestone tracksuit: this time it's in red, featuring a silver dagger swarovski insignia. This diamenté encrusted tracksuit is a look that the brand has gained notoriety for, and its quick sell out time has rendered the tracksuits a coveted cult item among local fashion heads. In the last 5 years Unknown have been growing faster than most brands would deem possible, and have already sold over 20,000 rhinestone tracksuits worldwide. Their audience are loyal and dedicated fans who can't wait to snap the next drop up. That means that if you're considering it, your time to buy this tracksuit is NOW, NOW, NOW.

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